1 Day Away !

The big gig is tomorrow!
HYPNAGOGIA is the newest solo release from Nola Ranallo, mainly constructed from weavings, both dense and fragile, of her voice. Recorded at her home in Buffalo, NY during a vivid period of rehabilitation, growth, and redefinitions – this material came rushing towards Nola in defiance of sleep; in lieu of dream; as guides, as commands. 
Some of Earth’s greatest artisans helped this sound and vision to further flourish into a limited edition of 100 copies pressed onto Vinyl, self-released by Nola on her Moon Mask Records label.
This will be her record release show.

For this singular event, Nola will be presenting her music through the lens of a special ensemble created solely to transmit this nightmusic steeped in BUFFALO SOUND, featuring some of NY’s finest:

Nola Ranallo – Vocal , Lyric
Ana Vafai- Violin
Shannon Reilly – Violin
Katie Weissman- Cello
T.J. Borden – Cello
Ethan Hayden – Trombone
Steve Baczkowski- Saxes, Flutes
Madison Greenstone – Clarinets
Megan Kyle- Oboe
David Bailey – Pedal Steel, Processing, Gong

This musical component will be reinforced by a robust visual element; consisting of a new video projection by Filmmaker Jam Vafai featuring the horses so integral to this musical work, and a new steel sculpture by Artist Craig Sheperd, magnifying the feminine sigil that Nola has been developing over the past 5 years. These two works in tandem will create a focal “entrypoint”, mirroring the music’s initial conveyance to Nola herself. 

The poster art was created by long-time collaborator Daniel Galas. “
Pre-sale tickets are available online. 
No one turned away for lack of funds.

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