Hypnagogia Ensemble

The musicians who are performing in the ensemble for the record release 9/2/23 are as follows:

Nola Ranallo – Vocal , Lyric
Ana Vafai – Violin
Shannon Reilly – Violin
Katie Weissman – Cello
TJ Borden – Cello
Ethan Hayden – Trombone
Steve Baczkowski – Saxes, Flutes
Madison Greenstone – Clarinets
Megan Kyle – Oboe
David Bailey – Pedal Steel, Processing, Gong

Getting super excited to bring all these unique talents together and perform! There will be two new pieces that are not on the record and three that are on it. 8:00 PM 9/2/23 at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo NY. Thank you !

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