painter within

These photographs were taken by the artist Kyle Butler in Buffalo, New York. The painting is by myself. I attempted to paint the angels from my death experience. I could not have created this painting without Kyle positively influencing me. I feel that the few close friends that surrounded me in Buffalo NY are family. After my life altering injury, death experience, I was uplifted by the vibrant arts community that encompassed love and comradery. Only other unique people who have experienced any struggles can understand me, accept me as I am but also encourage me. My deepest thanks to the arts and music efforts of Buffalo, especially at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. It’s important to nourish the artist inside each one of us. If you know someone who has gone through tough times, life changing injuries, I guarantee that person is in need of your support and friendship. Be opened to reach out. My injury does not fade away, I manage it the best I can. I can’t “get back” to life as it was before. However, I strive to make progress. I will not give up. I feel much stronger now than I was in my first life. It is important to offer continued support to each other. 

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