live album in the works

in the meantime, 

Mixing the live recording of record release performance of hypnagogia. Many sounds and many microphones! Looking forward to hear how this goes….

9/2/23 documents

more pictures from the Hypnagogia record release performance. a very special evening and I thank the audience in particular for overflowing the venue, standing in the aisles, i am forever grateful for the support. it was an honor to perform with this group of musicians and for the audience. there is no place like Buffalo, NY.  thank you. -nola-
double appa.JPG

Record Release Photographs

Thank you to all the people for making the music from my solo record, in which I wrote mostly alone, come to life in a live setting with an ensemble. Everyone contributed what was needed to make this evening a magical moment. Thank you to the audience whom attended and for the support !
Photographs by Mark R. Miller


Tonight, with an ensemble of 10 musicians we will transmit the music of my solo album Hypnagogia. Including two new pieces not on the LP. 
I am deeply grateful, moved and honored to work with this amazing group of truly world class musicians. 
-hallwalls contemporary art center in Buffalo NY. 
The evening will be opened by the innovative talent of Martin Freeman. 
Thank you.

1 Day Away !

The big gig is tomorrow!
HYPNAGOGIA is the newest solo release from Nola Ranallo, mainly constructed from weavings, both dense and fragile, of her voice. Recorded at her home in Buffalo, NY during a vivid period of rehabilitation, growth, and redefinitions – this material came rushing towards Nola in defiance of sleep; in lieu of dream; as guides, as commands. 
Some of Earth’s greatest artisans helped this sound and vision to further flourish into a limited edition of 100 copies pressed onto Vinyl, self-released by Nola on her Moon Mask Records label.
This will be her record release show.

For this singular event, Nola will be presenting her music through the lens of a special ensemble created solely to transmit this nightmusic steeped in BUFFALO SOUND, featuring some of NY’s finest:

Nola Ranallo – Vocal , Lyric
Ana Vafai- Violin
Shannon Reilly – Violin
Katie Weissman- Cello
T.J. Borden – Cello
Ethan Hayden – Trombone
Steve Baczkowski- Saxes, Flutes
Madison Greenstone – Clarinets
Megan Kyle- Oboe
David Bailey – Pedal Steel, Processing, Gong

This musical component will be reinforced by a robust visual element; consisting of a new video projection by Filmmaker Jam Vafai featuring the horses so integral to this musical work, and a new steel sculpture by Artist Craig Sheperd, magnifying the feminine sigil that Nola has been developing over the past 5 years. These two works in tandem will create a focal “entrypoint”, mirroring the music’s initial conveyance to Nola herself. 

The poster art was created by long-time collaborator Daniel Galas. “
Pre-sale tickets are available online. 
No one turned away for lack of funds.

Hypnagogia Ensemble

The musicians who are performing in the ensemble for the record release 9/2/23 are as follows:

Nola Ranallo – Vocal , Lyric
Ana Vafai – Violin
Shannon Reilly – Violin
Katie Weissman – Cello
TJ Borden – Cello
Ethan Hayden – Trombone
Steve Baczkowski – Saxes, Flutes
Madison Greenstone – Clarinets
Megan Kyle – Oboe
David Bailey – Pedal Steel, Processing, Gong

Getting super excited to bring all these unique talents together and perform! There will be two new pieces that are not on the record and three that are on it. 8:00 PM 9/2/23 at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo NY. Thank you !


The artist Daniel Galas has completed creating the record release poster. 

It is so lovely and tells the story of how and why this night music was written.  Please check out Daniel’s work, truly incredible. 

Hypnagogia record release 9/2/23 at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo NY with a 10 piece ensemble, I look forward to presenting this music! 

Record Release 9/2/23

A great deal of planning is being accomplished by all the musicians involved in the record release of Hypnagogia, my solo full length performance set for September 2nd 2023 in Buffalo NY at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center. 

I’m so excited to work with everyone to make this special evening come to fruition! Especially grateful for all these people coming together to make this music a living experience. Thank you.

Solo LP up for purchase

The button is up and running now under the hypnagogia tab, to purchase my solo full length album Hypnagogia. Released on my record label, Moon Mask Records, a limited run of 100 records 180 gram vinyl which includes a digital download! 
Also available at Within Things in Door County, WI and Out There Records in Buffalo, NY. 

thank you. 

Rehearsals begin

Recently completed the first rehearsal for my record release performance of Hypnagogia , 9/2/23. 
I’m so excited to work with everyone and gather some of the most dynamic talents together! Stay tuned!
A special thanks to Steve Baczkowski for assisting in making rehearsal happen, providing the space. 

Hypnagogia Solo LP

My solo full length Hypnagogia is available currently at Out There Records in Buffalo New York and Within Things in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin. 

A limited run of 100 records , 180 gram black vinyl on my label Moon Mask Records. It will be available at the record release performance in Buffalo New York. The tentative date is Saturday September 2nd at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center. 

I hope to have a button here on my website soon to purchase the record ! 

Thank you! 

Record Release Show

With the assistance of friends, I am working towards a record release performance for my solo full length Hypnagogia, possibly in late August 2023. Bringing people together is my favorite part. Time & location to be announced.
I will be performing a few tunes from Hypnagogia and a few new tunes. The vinyl will be available at the performance, a limited run of 100 records 180 gr. 
Thank you!


the test press recently arrived for my solo LP Hypnagogia. I am grateful to have this opportunity. Thanks to all who have been part of this document. 


Cages Video

David Bailey has posted a video of a Cages Performance from 10/7/17 at the Cass Project in Buffalo NY
Check it out! 

Thank you. 

Solo LP

Going forward with releasing my solo record Hypnagogia.The record is in line for reproduction. Cut by Anne Taegert at Dubplates & Mastering, Mastered by Rashad Becker, mixed by Justin Rose at GCR Audio, recorded by myself with the exception of the featured musicians, who recorded themselves! 

Featuring Oboe by Megan Kyle, Harp by Lucia Stavros, Cello by Katie Weissman, violin by Shannon Reilly. 
Thank you to all involved directly & in support.
Special gratitude to horses & the main herd
 ( minis & drafts). 
Excited to hear the test press! 
100 copies of 150gr black vinyl


nature takes care of everything.

higher love

Higher consciousness 

I’m gonna be a light beam

easy does

learning to drive the bigs & formulate a coconut oil tail treatment & fly spray for the girls ! Organic equine…will make them shine!


Learning lessons out here…

time is space

believing in good
that can help me learn
my mistakes guided me
to a deeper experience 
necessary for healing, 
I have the courage to know 
i forgive my mistakes. 

Carry Paradise With You

nature medicine

sun-mane intertwine 
bring to earth a majesty 
through sinkin mud, biting bugs, sweat haze, burdock, ice spikes, blinding snow, big lasting freezes-

(a horse, of course)
solid calm
grounded in movement 
& you are incorruptible 


seedlings for planting
Colt is growing
& maybe the last big snow drop of the season ….
Spring is for hope, change & growing

Music Video Rh-null

Recently completed a music video for the song Rh-null off of my forthcoming solo full length, Hypnagogia. Rh-null features Oboe by Megan Kyle, a wonderful musician & inspiration. The videographer is Sean Mallinson. Thank you to the horses that are featured Maeve, Bronwyn & her 7 month old colt, Appa. 

small steps forward

I have been working on a music video for my song Rh-null. I am excited to share it soon enough! Stayed dialed in for any updates on it. I continue to add songs to my bandcamp, My solo LP Hypnagogia is still finding its way into the world. The songs on my bandcamp are not on my solo LP, with the exception of Rh-null , the “single” !

Thank You


photographs from around the time after Appa's birth, early fall 2021. He will have to grow up and go on to his new home eventually. It's been heart warming to be a part of his birth, life and growth. 

-3 degrees

weather has no mercy
we do have each other.

what saves me

“Movement animals” require difficult work that is testing tiers of endurance. 

I will keep on going. Embracing yet slowly preparing for multitudes of unknown. 
I never tried this hard in my first life to learn, to change, to be opened to new. 


I’ve been updating my Bandcamp with some drafts of tunes.
There’s been a learning curve in terms of my recording skills, solo sound & gear obstacles. I give all musicians credit for their efforts. It’s tough!  Musicians are perpetually becoming their own sound engineers, on top of creating the sound substance. It can be difficult. Check it out 🙂 

A late season greetings & happy new year to all! Gotta go forth ….

memory is going on,

It was when the yellow, red and orange 

were raised by wind
falling onto tops of trees
It was when you owned 
one dirty beige coat
You slept in a small bed 
with your legs spilling over 
I sparked by tears
Forgotten by hours
Minutes transcended 
Distance to closeness 
I am away from the 1st life
I am away from the sound 
That struck my bones
hollow sun chimes shine 
I am away
From some
I am where
Some is undone 
A tiny ball of bright yarn 
One bird flys
To my first true friend 
It was death that found me,
Aware of life. 
(and so I transcribe)


I search often for answers. I search for ways to carry on with love but I lose my way. It’s cloudy, blind, difficult. Today I found this, and it is inspiring. It gave me so much good. moving are the words ! I am so grateful. 

little one !

Nearly four months. He has grown so swiftly! I love being a part of him discovering the life of a horse. He smells of sweet hay and earth. He gallops awkwardly with joy. He rolls in the sun, mud & snow . He rejoices in mornings, for a little feed of grain! His eyelashes are soft feathers fluttering. Full of brightness, warm in his fuzzy winter coat. I watch him grow strong, sweet & brave. He lightens my heart.  


wind is stirring up tonight

peace by fire,
I find a photograph from 2012 where I sang free music, improvised duo with Steve Baczkowski. I can not recall the photographer, venue or gig. Mostly I recall being somewhere beyond, with Steve’s music, a saxophonist of the universe .  Thank you Steve for sharing your gifts with the world.



Foal to colt , over 3 months & a big boy !  
I loved spending the morning with him !



 one brave love 
multiples many
light beams 
love replicate
love initiate love 


Every horse lover I meet brings me laughter and wisdom. Meeting “Aunt Lynda” was an honor. A talented, dedicated trainer of rescued wild mustangs, including this 36 year old fella! What a lovely soul ! 

Peace to Lynda & her herd! 

for a you to begin

I began 

writing on paper

as though I discovered 
how to make.
I learned to write 
as I erased
lines of letters
instrumental grass blades
forcing lines in letters 
to mean
more than language can provide
living less about the page
more in the shape of space
in emptiness is the home


Recently I left social media. It’s proven to be a positive choice not participating in social media. There is more time to live. Please tune into my website for future updates. Thank you. 

Horses are healers

Horses are my teacher.
Helping out the newest herd foal, Appa, is an honor. Being a part of his growth is moving. I learn. It renews love. Animals remain connected to stability regardless of the unprecedented adversity in the world. Horses have changed my life. By sharing this, I have faith it can help other people who are struggling. Once I opened my heart, my life became something I never imagined nor intended it could grow to be. I have a new peace during storms. I have strength, because I am part of a horse’s world.

baby horse

It’s been a joy to be part of baby horse Appa’s miracle. He is a healthy little one!  Check out his whiskers! Born August 17th 2021. 




In addition

I have updated the music section of my website with a description by Justin Kern of my forthcoming solo full length, Hypnagogia.  Justin is a gifted writer & wonderful person. He found upon listening to Hypnagogia oxygen and respiration as inspiration for his word formation. 
My thanks to Justin! 


Even when
I am not actually playing music, 

I am playing music
I am preparing, cultivating
Time & preparation
Everything is music.

painter within

These photographs were taken by the artist Kyle Butler in Buffalo, New York. The painting is by myself. I attempted to paint the angels from my death experience. I could not have created this painting without Kyle positively influencing me. I feel that the few close friends that surrounded me in Buffalo NY are family. After my life altering injury, death experience, I was uplifted by the vibrant arts community that encompassed love and comradery. Only other unique people who have experienced any struggles can understand me, accept me as I am but also encourage me. My deepest thanks to the arts and music efforts of Buffalo, especially at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. It’s important to nourish the artist inside each one of us. If you know someone who has gone through tough times, life changing injuries, I guarantee that person is in need of your support and friendship. Be opened to reach out. My injury does not fade away, I manage it the best I can. I can’t “get back” to life as it was before. However, I strive to make progress. I will not give up. I feel much stronger now than I was in my first life. It is important to offer continued support to each other. 

how I go forth

My second chance to live opened my heart. My second chance opened my mind. I can not return to how I lived my former life. I have the rare opportunity to change for the better. My traumatic brain injury has changed my body”s homeostasis. Rather consistently I have to make adaptations to this life altering injury. Creativity is key.  There are shifting challenges day to day. It takes a humble heart to recognize shortcomings but also see strength, progress. My forward movement requires awareness to discover peace with the present. I have been gifted the ability to funnel my experience into music. I hope my life serves others as inspiration.

Midnight Sun

The mind is most free and relaxed in the moments before sleep. In these moments I began writing the music for my forthcoming solo record titled Hypnagogia. The mystery of the human experience is dominant during the night to me. The same mystery propelled me into solo music. My solo music is not possible without the positive encouragement of others.


The brain is a great mystery. I try to expand capacity.
Neuropathways starfish around the damaged route. 
It may take a good deal of time to go the longer way but the paths have potential to regenerate. 
We each have power to grow and concurrently build each other up. A positive side effect. 


The interconnection of all good, bad, nature, technology is more understandable to me. I must transform my adversity to my strength, to help others & myself.

horse forest

Towards a healing I find it necessary to completely transform my living by changing my previous environment

what is inspiration to me?

I must sing to become a whole person, for the first time. Fully alive happens with fully creating. I am inspired by the healing presence of horses and animals. From within, my own native animal.

Greatly inspired by musicians of all kinds. Songs of sun, songs of plants, song in the stars, maybe a petal or a tear. Nature sings in light and in dark. There is much to rejoice surrounding us all. There are songs in cities and songs of nature. Natural music encompasses existing. I sing to heal myself. Simultaneously I have the special opportunity to share my story through music to help others not give up on living.

I would like to extend what has already been done. 

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